Custom Music

Tired of sounding like someone else's project? Can't find what you need in that canned music library on the shelf? We can create it for you. We realize that sometimes you need something very specialized and unique. Let Big Productions' writers fill the gap. It's more affordable than you might think!

Specialized and unique music for your project...

Professional, Dependable & Affordable!

What can we do for you?
We can give your project, however big or small the kind of attention needed to secure your objective. From the very conception to finished product, we have the knowledge and experience to see it to completion.

What kind of projects?
Custom CD Albums, Commercial Production, Voice-over, Custom Music Production, Sound Design, Post Scoring for Video, Soundtracks for Independent Films, Instructional tapes, Trade Show Presentation Audio, CD Mastering, Corporate Indentity, News themes, Sound Effects and More.


How it works:

A. Determine the precise goals of the music needed.

B. We will need a very detailed description including the following information:

  1. Style or type of music with audio sample or reference to a well known performance.
  2. Exact length of music required.
  3. Music quality level required. This variable is affected by the number of live instruments verses midi or sampled instruments as well as the diversity of performers.
  4. Due date of finished music.
  5. Please Note: It is best when there is time allowed for sample mixes to be sent ahead of the final mix.

C. For extended works such as independent films, we will schedule spotting session meetings with the project's director/producer to decide on music placement and the appropriate style of music for each cue.

D. When approved, the final music, usually with alternate mixes, is delivered on CD by the carrier of your choice.

E. You will be billed according to a predetermined quote supplied by Big Productions, plus shipping costs.

For your next custom music need, give us a call at (651)633-3933

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