Film & Video Score

We can do the entire music soundtrack - from concept to mastered audio. A demo reel is available for your audition.

How it works:

A. You will need to provide us with the following items:

1.  Your finished rough edit video, complete or in segments.

2.  The format we need is 1/2" Stereo VHS, with time code on one channel, and any natural audio (voice overs, effects, etc.) on the other. Both should be embedded in the hi-fi tracks.

3.  A window burn in the most non-intrusive area of the picture.

4.  At least :60 pre-roll with time code @ 30 or 30 drop frame.

5.  A detailed list of EDL including the following:

a: Sound Effects planned.
b: Foley required.
c: Music needs with descriptions.
d: Sound Design.

6. Finished sound track options delivery:

a: Complete mix in stereo or mono on CD.
b: Each element on separate track of CD with EDL location.
c: Mix may be laid back to any format required.

You will be billed according to a predetermined quote supplied by Big Productions, plus recording media and shipping costs.


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