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At Beyers Interactive Group - B I G  Productions and EssayAudioVisual, our forte is creating meaningful art, media, and new forms of sonic literature, poetry, and music on slim budgets for positive effect. We've helped agricultural, environmental, and land stewardship nonprofit organizations that deserve to be heard, benefit from the communication power of new interactive technologies. We hope to bring change — on whatever level we can — through every project we do. And so do our friends, writers, and clients!
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We achieve these goals by using the best digital production tools available, and are now a one-stop shop for all aspects of installing, configuring, using, supporting, and training the entire line of Sony Media Software professional music and audio production software products. Sony's line of exceptional products such as Sound Forge, Vegas, DVD Architect, and Acid Pro provide companies, schools, and non-profits the powerful tools they need to create. Big Productions has used this suite of production software since 1989. Sony is the best in the business and they deliver!
Our studio also provides cutting edge 8 and 16mm film transfers, and VHS movie conversions, to DVD video and web-ready digital video data files. Our transfers are state-of-the-art, high quality, flicker free, and guaranteed to be the best available.
Here are two illustrations from our multimedia CD-ROM production entitled "Great American Thought: Henry David Thoreau" for The Walden Woods Project, The Thoreau Society, and the new Thoreau Institute in Lincoln, Massachusetts..
Now you can share your days with a great American thinker. This multimedia work contains Henry David Thoreau's words accompanied by the wood engravings of Michael McCurdy and thought provoking computer animation. Listen to the opening passage from Walden powerfully narrated by James Earl Jones.
Please click on these screens to see the full size image.
This software lets you select your personal favorites from hundreds of Thoreau quotations included on the disc.