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Essay Audio - Bookstore / Reseller Information

We welcome reseller inquiries and accounts, as well as suggestions for retail stores and distributors interested in helping to get our unique audiobooks to the worldwide audience we think they deserve.

Presently, trade distribution for bookstores in the United States is through Big Productions, St. Paul, MN. For other areas of the world, contact Essay Audio.  Or even better, ask your distributor to contact us about carrying Essay Audio recordings. The catalog numbers listed on our on-line order form are the industry-standard ISBN numbers for each item. 

We are also actively seeking international distribution -- contact Essay Audio for more information.

For museum shops, church bookstores, and other businesses not covered by our distributors, please complete our on-line reseller credit application and include with your order.  Contact Essay Audio for wholesale prices and order minimums. 

Sales Tax: In order to comply with the majority of state and local sales tax law requirements, Essay Audio must have in its files a properly executed exemption certificate from all of its customers who claim a sales tax exemption. If the seller does not have this certificate, Essay Audio is obliged to collect tax for the state in which the property is delivered. If you are entitled to sales tax exemption, then you should complete the certificate and send it to us at your earliest convenience. If your purchases are tax free for a reason for which this form does not provide, then you should send Essay Audio your special certificate or statement.

CD and Tape returns: We do not accept opened CDs and cassettes for return due to possible copyright infringement issues. We will accept defective media for return and replacement. Please insure shipments to protect you in the event that product is damaged in transit. At this time, Essay Audio does not sell audiobooks on consignment. Minimum opening order is $250 retail. Subsequent orders $100. Please call us for more information.

Big Productions
P.O. Box 120442, St. Paul, MN, 55112 USA
telephone: 651-633-3933
fax: 651-633-2077
e-mail: sbeyers@bigsite.net