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Screen Saver Installation Instructions

How To Run Screen Savers in Windows 95:

  • Move your mouse cursor to the wallpaper or background of your desktop screen (not on anything like "folders," "my computer," etc.), just on an open space.
  • Press the RIGHT mouse button (the one you don't normally use).
  • This brings up a box; select "Properties" from that box with your mouse click (left mouse key)
  • This brings up a box called "Display Properties." Move your mouse arrow to the |Screen Saver| tab and click on it.
  • Go to the Screen Saver scroll bar and scroll until you see "Thoreau", highlight it, and click.
  • Now just click on [Preview] to see the program. Remember, the screen saver is programmed to detect any movement of the mouse or any key press on the keyboard and will stop running when it detects either of these.
  • You also can change the amount of time before the screen saver starts on your screen under the "Wait" box.
  • Remember to click on the [Apply] and [OK] button to leave this menu and save the screen saver's settings.
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